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Theo Wanne prides himself in his superb quality mouthpieces. From the Durga to the Datta, each of Mr. Wanne's mouthpieces are made with care. Every Theo Wanne mouthpiece sports the True Large Chamber, a signature feature.

What is the True Large Chamber?

The chamber of the mouthpiece is the inner portion of the mouthpiece between the open part known as the window and the bore of the mouthpiece. The bore is the part of the mouthpiece that fits onto the neck cork of the saxophone. With a True Large Chamber, the chamber of a mouthpiece will be much larger than the bore, creating a fat and spread sound suitable for non-legit saxophone playing. The True Large Chamber design also features rounded inner walls stretching all the way to the tip of the mouthpiece. This design helps create a warm sound that is rich and robust.

What type of materials are Theo Wanne mouthpieces made from?

Theo Wanne Mouthpieces are made from Premium Hard Rubber, Metal, Brass, and Wood. 

Does Theo Wanne offer cheaper mouthpieces with the same quality?

Of course! Theo Wanne offers a special line called the Performance Line. These tenor mouthpieces are almost half the price of the mouthpieces they are based off. However, they still play like a superb Theo Wanne Mouthpiece. In order to cut the price, measures were taken such as a slightly different machining process, less engravings, and an elimination of the serial number, mouthpiece pouch, and recessed bite plate. The quality is still present, but the costs were cut to provide an amazing quality mouthpiece for those on a budget such as hobbyists or students. 

Theo Wanne also offers B-Grade, or blemished, mouthpieces at a 5-20% discount. These mouthpieces sound the same as their A-Grade counterparts, but they may have cosmetic differences such as scratches or dents. 

Which mouthpiece is right for me?

Theo Wanne categorizes his mouthpieces as followed (going from brightest sound to darkest):


Durga- Powerful, Sexy, and Fat

Kali- Modern and Bright

Amma- Versatile

Gaia- Darker and Versatile, Traditional Jazz

Ambika- Hauntingly Dark


Datta- Bright

Brahma- Medium Bright

If you are still unsure about which mouthpiece you would like, take advantage of Theo Wanne's Mouthpiece Trial Policy where you can purchase up to three mouthpieces, test them for a week, and return the unwanted mouthpieces for a full refund minus shipping!

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